Clean water transport. Keeping water fresh and bacteria free with AquaidH20



AquaidH20 – unique, lightweight design Previous Next AQUAIDH20 provides a simple and safe water carrying solution, which is excellent for daily use or in emergency situations. This sturdy, quality water carrier is the perfect way to store safe, bacteria-free water in your home and a versatile solution for hiking, camping and festivals. The slide show demonstrates how many […]

Universal need

THE IMAGES BELOW ILLUSTRATE JUST A FEW OF THE SCENARIOS WHERE AQUAIDH20 WATER CARRIERS CAN BE USED. Wild Fires Drought Photo by Chris Gallagher on Unsplash During 2021, we  witnessed that floods can occur anywhere in the world, from Bangladesh to Thailand, and as close as neighbouring countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom and […]


Assisting people and situations in need water, no matter if you find yourself in a nature disaster, a camping holiday or an entertainment festivals Design: Weighs less then 100 gram. 
It minimizes the chances of water being infected by bacterial or viral contaminations. 
 Can be stalled into a watertight pack, so it can stand […]

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