Clean water transport. Keeping water fresh and bacteria free with AquaidH20



Aquaid company is a company started in 2014. With the team we developed several different water bag solutions.  Rob holds a degree in Biochemistry and has worked 20 years in Research and development organization, developing and designing products and put those products into mass production. Rob works 20 years in the emergency and relief market. […]


To overcome the following shortcomings: about loadability. transport, alternative to oxfam bucket Aquaid Waterbag PLC Jerry Buckets: 200 pcs – with lids, stacked on pallet Gross weight: 190 KG/ 1 kg pr. pcs Dimensions: 120x100x124 cm Aquaid Waterbag: 200 units per carton Multiple packing modes: Coiling, folding, stacking etc. Gross weight: 18 kg/ctn Dimensions: 40x50x60 […]

Can you solve the problem?

Worldwide more than 5 billion people are affected by water shortage in 2050. Two and half billion people live without basic sanitation facilities. Global climate change is affecting many continents. The amounts of cyclones are increasing and after floats and cyclones (Zimbabwe cyclone Idai), people drink water from contaminated water sources.   In emergency situations, people […]

What can Aquaid Waterbag do?

Contribute to transportation of safe drinking water and make the development to make water transport easy and low cost, lightweight materials and unique designs for the end user. Aquaid has developed a simple strong air tight water bag for the transportation of water. Not filled, the water bag is flat and weights not more than […]

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