Clean water transport. Keeping water fresh and bacteria free with AquaidH20


Assisting people and situations in need water, no matter if you find yourself in a nature disaster, a camping holiday or an entertainment festivals


  • Weighs less then 100 gram. 

    It minimizes the chances of water being infected by bacterial or viral contaminations. 

  • Can be stalled into a watertight pack, so it can stand and used manageable as a winebox.

  • Lifetime (LCA) expectancy is more than 2 years. 

  • Daily use: 
15L x 365 x 2:
    10.950 L of water


For your own safety, clean the bag with chlorine tablets every 6 six months.


  • Can be dropped in bulk via airplanes or delivered by drones (unfilled).
  • Easy to transport (filled or unfilled).
  • Safe to carry by hand
  • Gross weight: 18 kg/ctn
  • Dimensions: 40x50x60 cm
  • 200 units per carton

    Packing modes:
  • Coiling
  • Folding
  • Stacking


  • Three-layer film also containing aluminum which keeps water cool.

  • The outer layer also prevent direct sunlight exposure.

  • Contains 15 liters or 15 kg, making it suitable for carrying even for a young adults.

  • Made by recycled PET plastics – can be recycled after use.

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