Clean water transport. Keeping water fresh and bacteria free with AquaidH20


AquaidH2O is an alternative to the presently preferred solution.

Aquaid product life cycle

AquaidH2O: Low CO2 footprint

In 1 M3 can be an estimated weighing average 10 times less. For the same water 20 liters to be transported; this has a significant CO2 impact.

Materials & functionality:
AquaidH2O is:

  • Light weight: 100 grams
  • Easy to take on the run
  • Strong: lifetime (LCA) more than 2 years
  • is Made of recycle PET plastics
  • has Three-layer films; Aluminum layer to keep water cool and no sunlight contact
  • is Hygienic: no entries for hands keeping bacteria and virus out
  • Can be dropped via airplanes or drones
  • Can be stalled into a watertight pack so it can stand
  • Can carry 15Liters or 15 kg for carrying
  • AquaidH2O Can be recycled after use and made into fleece
  • Can be used when inflated as a floating device in case area is totally flooded for rescue of people
  • Can be used to stop bleeding of wounds

  1. For personal use:
    Keep documents dry, make a sail for shading.
  2. Medical use:
    Support under an injured or broken arm, stop bleeding
  3. Educational use:
    sign post, erasable board for school purpose, info how and when to plant…

AquaidH2O can be provided in a box

When the water bag is empty, simply take out the bag and carry to a source of water. When returning, put the water bag back into the box. In case, the housing is very humid or in case of flooding situations, the box can be made of lightweight plastic walls.

Recyclable plastics

Currently plastics are banned and critized in many applications. 

Plastics are useful materials when handled and recycled in the correct ways.


A 5 liter bag which can be hung to a pole close to the toilet to wash hands. The bag can be provided with a soap holder.

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