Clean water transport. Keeping water fresh and bacteria free with AquaidH20

What can AquaidH2O do?

Access to drinking water is a human necessity.
No matter the situation or where we are, water is global need.

From entertainment festivals to unexpected emergencies situations for us living in our new” everyday”, no matter the situation.

We can provide universal, manageable products and solutions for safe and hygienic water transportation both locally well as globally.

Aquaid Product: AquaidH2O
Aquaid has developed a simple and strong airtight water bag for safe transportation of water.
It can be used by almost anyone and in almost any situation.

1.: when its not  filled

the bag is flat (like a thin film), flexible and weighs below 100 grams, which means it can travel with you anywhere.

When filled, AquaidH2O can contain up to 15 liters of water.

That sounds like a lot of liters considering the weight of 15 kg, but But since the bag is produced out of durable and solid material, it can be carried by hand, by vehicle or other forms of transportation.

In case infrastructure (roads) are ruined due to floods or earthquakes, AquaidH2O can be dropped by an airplane, a helicopter or a drone or from roof tops.


  • Contribute to the transportation of safe drinking water.
  • Lowering the cost of water transportation using lightweight materials and unique designs.
    in short: Water transport made easy! 

Water bag
AquaidH2O has developed a simple strong airtight water bag for the transportation of water. Not filled, the water bag is flat and weighs below more than 100 grams.

AquaidH2O can be provided in:

5 litres

10 litres or

20 litres. 

  • AquaidH2O Light weight: 100 grams
  • AquaidH2O Strong: lifetime more than 2 years
  • AquaidH2O Made of recycle PET plastics
  • AquaidH2O Hygienic: no entries for hands keeping bacteria and virus out



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